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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Open letter to MIC

Recently, Malaysia has decided to embark on another phase of ICT development of the country after the previous one failed with the rebranding of MDC to M-DEC.

In line with our objectives to turn Malaysia into a 'First World Mentality' country, as quoted from Pak Lah's 9MP speech, I would like to suggest to MIC to take information dissemination to the next step. I know that MIC has a website and I commend them for taking their efforts to cyberspace. However, there is much to be done.

I am not sure whether you are aware of the recent spurt in Malaysian political cyberspace activity led by DAP and PKR. Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok and Fong Po Kuan have all got heavy traffic websites esp true of the former DAP supremo. Others have also follow suit within DAP. On PKR's side, Malaysian Today has led the way. Petra Raja Kamaruddin is a KeADILan founder. Today he has left PKR, but his connection lies deep. Many opposition politicians, even PAS, have been active in cyberspace.

However, where BN is concerned, the cyberspace activity has been deplorable. UMNO has taken the leading role with its Kelab Maya UMNO. It has a forum section. However, this is an 'ultra' sect of UMNO and is very Islamic in its outlook. It does not believe in fair sharing of power. I believe MCA and in this minute, MIC should encourage its top politicians especially those who hold federal positions to open up blogs. As each politicians have different views, this should be done individually. If cannot, then group blogs should not be discouraged.

Why are blogs important? Because it is interactive. It gives a chance for the average Rama to express his/her view directly to his representative in parliament.

Pak Lah has time and again said that during his tenure as PM it will be all about increasing the efficiency, transparency and accountability of our government. My perception of MIC is sadly not very positive. We seem to be desisting these virtues that has been espoused by Pak Lah.

Today, blogs are a must. People are busy. Blogging is the easiest way to get messages across and to assess whether they are receiving any support. As for you and me in the UK, blogs will further bridge that gap of distance. We will be able to express specific views without the need to engage in small talk. This initiative will definitely be time productive.

With regards to the implementation of the IPCMC and Ombudsman system being discussed in parliament, I hope the MIC representatives take a supportive stand. They should be more vocal to support this effort being led by PM Pak Lah. He is currently receiving much flak and dissent from a small group of UMNO MPs that are very vocal. They seem to be drowning out the PM's call. Why are the MIC and MCA representatives so scared to air their support? This is unacceptable. I hope it is because they too are corrupt and want to cover up their tracks. I have more faith than that in the younger generation. Datuk S Sothinathan should lead the way in going to cyberspace. My congrats to him for standing up and expressing his beliefs.

The main ploy here is to drown out the IPCMC idea suggested by Pak Lah. The IPCMC would be a body regulating the police in this country. It is available in all developed country. You may be familiar with the US's Internal Affairs that keep all US 'police' officials in check, this includes the FBI, CIA etc. If we do not allow the development of this system, how are we to tackle corruption at the root.

The Ombudsman system being suggested by these officials as an alternative should not be encouraged. Yes, we need an Ombudsman system so that people may make complaints against officials in power. This is no doubt another landmark of a developed nation. However, it should not be done at the expense of the IPCMC. The IPCMC has teeth, which means it may inititate action with all the powers given to it by the constitution. The faster we show our support, the quicker it will be for the silent supportive majority to also show their support behind the PM and the faster we may put in place the IPCMC and Ombudsman system. Resistance of the creation of this body says only one thing to me; that our politicians are corrupt, that our politicians do not espouse the transparency and accountability agenda that they gave a standing ovation for during the speech given by Pak Lah, basically the are simply playing to the tune of the age old saying in Malaysia, 'cakap tak serupa bikin'. I hope this is not true and only a figment of my imagination.

Thank you. That is all at this time.

Malaysia boleh.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Advent of new era of higher education in Malaysia

firehawk Said:March 12th, 2006 at 02: 55.03

Like Bangsa Malaysia and Sapna, my stomach doesn’t feel as squeamish as it usually does about the public university scene.

Years ago I was given the opportunity to get into a local public university. I must say that the amount of control instituted was amazingly mind numbing. Students were admitted for the sole pupose of being indoctrinated with the national agenda. There was hardly any room to breathe. Certainly not the kind of room that moulded the birth of past ‘world-class’ academicians, nationalists, Malaysians. Naturally I was disappointed. It made me wonder why great minds of ‘not-so-long-ago’ like Tun Dr M could allow such a condition, what I call the ‘no brains syndrome’ to develop. Did he not care about his people? He must have cared only about himself to approve of the insidious enactment of the Universities and University Colleges Act 25 years ago.

One thing for sure, our public universities, most of them isolated from ‘existence’ are not hot beds for future great minds. I agree with Assoc Prof Azmi Sharom about, ‘... students in this day and age who really care about matters beyond Akademi Fantasia is very small indeed…’ and ‘... most students just want to graduate and as quickly as possible get into debt to pay for their three-bedroom flat and Proton Waja…’. There are very few students around that aspire to be more than they are (think StarTrek), very few who actually see the bigger picture in life nor passionate about their future, nevermind the issues that affect the country. The ‘no brain syndrome’ is certainly contagious. It needs the intensity and resolve that has been packaged with the control measures of the current Avian Influenza culling campaign. After 25 years of ‘bad education’, we will certainly need another 25 years to restore the quality of our education. Worry that, ‘...greater freedom will make our campuses hotbeds of radicalism..’ should be allayed as there is no hope for mushrooming of intellectual thought in the near future.

Azmi also touched on the most significant of points, ‘... only the best candidates are taken in as students…’. There is much debate and unhappiness about the equivalency of the different pre-university programs offered to get into public and private universities. One clear cut way to give a level playing field to students is to make the SATs/ACTs or its like compulsory for undergrad entrance as suggested by Undergrad2. Maybe the Education Ministries would like to develop a Bahasa version of the SATs. Malaysian versions of the MSATs and LSATs could be used for medical and law school. Conversely, the GMAT, GRE can be implemented for use at the graduate level.

firehawk Said:March 12th, 2006 at 04: 05.34


There is a real problem of racial and religious polarisation in our public universities. Instead of becoming a hot bed of intellectual thought, students are mostly involved in religious and race-based activities. Im not against it as I am also heavily involved in Hindu organisations, but there is more to life than the narrow outlook that most of our students subsribe to. I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like now.

This certainly does and will not bid well for our country’s future, our future.

firehawk Said:March 12th, 2006 at 04: 15.04

I am all for the implementation of a system of positive discrimination “in order to do justice to the poor and the underprivileged from a certain race”. However, more often than not, many of those who benefit from this sort of system are Toms, Dicks and Harrys of a certain race accorded the same educational opportunities as the majority of us.

firehawk from

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Politics & the Blog

Came across a really good article in Malaysia Today on political blogging. The article applies to speaks about the global situation with special attention to US politics and blogging initiatives.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

English & the Malaysian education system

firehawk Said:March 2nd, 2006 at 01: 50.31

I agree with undergrad that it is not the standard of english that is in question here. After all, the person who wrote that might have been just a recent SPM cert holder.

I don’t have to go so far as to blame others for poor command of a language. My tamil is even worse that the above level of english. I sacrificed my mother tongue for better command of english and malay. At best my command of other languages is at a basic level. I am ashamed of this and when I have time I try to improve my command of tamil, cantonese and spanish. Still in the case of my tamil, I am ashamed.

The truth is, there is little help available by the government to help the people especially when they enter the real working world as young adults and at university.My suggestion is not to insult anyone with bad english or command of whatever other languages. Its the policy that we had set in the past is the one that should be blamed for our current situation.

In my opinion, a countryman’s weakness or ineptness is our collective responsibility.

firehawk Said:March 2nd, 2006 at 02: 22.05

My suggestions to the Education Ministries are as follows:

1) From Primary 4 onwards, make taking another language subject compulsory for all in schools whether it is Mandarin, Tamil etc. Make it part of the school curriculum. Cater for all levels ie. stream classes. This way, SJK may soon fall out of favour and better unity may be fostered. Exams could be split into 3 levels, basic, intermediate and advanced.

2) Same should be done at secondary schools and all public and hopefully private universities. This time standards should be raised ie. intermediate and advanced. To this end, many many more language teachers should be trained and re-hired from retirement as they have done/ are doing for english.

3) Islamic education and moral studies should be thought as afterschool classes. In the case, of Islamic studies, the traditional evening schools should be brought back to support the local schools.

4) More continuing education should be given to teachers to sustain their interest and to build their proffesional portfolio. Better pay should be given and better monitoring of teachers and schools should be done by the district departments. District/State school rankings should be introduced.

Growing up I have realised that an open mind and persistence can land a person many rewards. A sure way to have a more open mind in my opinion is to embrace another culture. Learning a language is a sure way to opening cultural doors to a person especially if it is not his native culture.

Instead of spending billions like Mahathir did for megaprojects, I agree with Pak Lah to be more conservative but not too conservative, hopefully.

Having said that, money has to be spent on education. Only with world class education and grasp of the global world can we have better ties with other countries. This will invariably lead to more business opportunities and a robust knowledge based economy.

Learning 3 languages in school must sound a handful but I feel it is a must for a country like Malaysia to prosper and embrace the benefits of our multicultural society. English should eventually play a leading role with BM only for language and literature purposes. We can be rojak, but not too rojak. English for Education, Malay for patriotism and nationalism, Mandarin/Tamil for business and general education. We can do one better than Singapore ;)

Regardless of what certain parties say regarding our science and maths syllabus, our theoretical knowledge up to STPM is of a high standard. I have studied in Singapore and UK. While standards across the causeway are certainly high, if not the highest in the world, in UK it is not up to the Malaysian standard, not theoretically anyway. We just need to consolidate what we have and improve on our shortcomings ie language command and practical components.

firehawk Said:March 2nd, 2006 at 02: 38.29

Government departments and big corporations esp MNCs should also play a role and have afternoon classes for employees to be more adepth at a chosen language.

As all of you can see, my slogan essentially reads, ‘Multi-Language Command for Malaysian Globalisation’.

firehawk from

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Information & its twisted freedom

firehawk Said:February 26th, 2006 at 01: 46.17

Regarding the police case against Jeff Ooi by NST I find no grounds for such a report to be made.

Firstly, NST apologized unreservedly for publishing that edition of Non-Sequitor yesterday. In doing so, they have ‘admitted’ doing wrong in the first place. That strengthens Jeff Ooi’s article that NST was bold in publishing it.

Secondly, the government found them unwise in publishing the comic strip and hence, slapped them with a show-cause letter. Later, the government accepted the apology. In doing so, the whole saga seem to confirm that NST had ‘wrongly’ published the strip.

Had any of these incidents not occurred, NST would have had a point in making a police report against Jeff Ooi for insinuating they had cause dis-harmony among Malaysians and been misguidedly bold.

However, the above mentioned incidents have occurred and NST is in the wrong. Hence, there is no possible reason for NST to launch a police report. If any racial disunity had occurred, then it would have been the result of NST publishing the comic strip. Jeff Ooi, through his article merely let it known to the public the ‘irresponsible’ actions of NST.

The way I understand it is that NST are making a police report against themselves.

firehawk Said:February 26th, 2006 at 01: 53.11

Paragraph 4“..Jeff Ooi for insinuating they had cause dis-harmony among Malaysians and been misguidedly bold.” should read, “insinuating he had caused”.

firehawk from

Post Mark3-Cabinet-Reshuffle Syndrome

firehawk Said:February 25th, 2006 at 01: 56.38

Why can’t such things be done in Parliament. After all we spend a hell of a lot of money to keep the parliament in top condition. Why is there a need to piss duit rakyat to BN MPs. Whats so special about them. Why is it that the Opposition MPs are not invited. This is outrageous, even in Bolehland. Maybe its not. But it is still outrageous. All this after nasihat and promise of tindakan from the Pak Lah.

This is why Keng Yaik should not have been retained in the cabinet. Malaysia will never improve with people that practice obsolete style of politics. Well, apparently its not obsolete. Shame on you Keng Yaik.

Uncle Lim,I suggest you send a protest letter to PM from all Opposition MPs or goreng this pelawak in the next Parliament session. We can’t let dead wood politicians get away with stuff like this. After all they don’t get much support anymore. They should be the first to be picked on and separated. The herd theory would suggest, that they become easy prey soon after separation.

firehawk Said:February 25th, 2006 at 01: 59.05

Lebih-lebih lagi this is a water issue which will impact on all our daily lives. It is so important. This is surely going to be a disappointment.

firehawk from

Post Mark3-Cabinet-Reshuffle Syndrome

firehawk Said:February 25th, 2006 at 01: 56.38

Why can’t such things be done in Parliament. After all we spend a hell of a lot of money to keep the parliament in top condition. Why is there a need to piss duit rakyat to BN MPs. Whats so special about them. Why is it that the Opposition MPs are not invited. This is outrageous, even in Bolehland. Maybe its not. But it is still outrageous. All this after nasihat and promise of tindakan from the Pak Lah.

This is why Keng Yaik should not have been retained in the cabinet. Malaysia will never improve with people that practice obsolete style of politics. Well, apparently its not obsolete. Shame on you Keng Yaik.

Uncle Lim,I suggest you send a protest letter to PM from all Opposition MPs or goreng this pelawak in the next Parliament session. We can’t let dead wood politicians get away with stuff like this. After all they don’t get much support anymore. They should be the first to be picked on and separated. The herd theory would suggest, that they become easy prey soon after separation.

firehawk Said:February 25th, 2006 at 01: 59.05

Lebih-lebih lagi this is a water issue which will impact on all our daily lives. It is so important. This is surely going to be a disappointment.

firehawk from

Information & its twisted freedom

firehawk Said:February 24th, 2006 at 03: 36.33

Theikan, I doubt anyone here really wants to punish NST. We are just questioning the wisdom of punishing Sarawak Tribune and Guan Ming. After all the Danish paper that first published the caricature, I believe, no action has been taken against the daily by the Danish government.

Undergrad2, as you had said earlier, the above 2 newspapers should have challenged the ‘constitutionality of the Printing Presses and Publications Act.’ For whatever reasons the views of the editors were not allowed to be broadcasted in mainstream media and action out of emotion were taken against them. Im sure there are other reasons especially for Sarawak Tribune to be suspended indefinitely. I wonder what is the inside story regarding that newspaper. For sure it wasnt an UMNO publication, if not such drastic steps wouldn’t have been taken in such haste.

Sarawak Tribune is an important daily in Sarawak and it is disappointing to see the government taking away ‘the voice of the south borneons’, so to speak.

firehawk Said:February 24th, 2006 at 10: 29.33

There should have been more dialogue regarding the issue in mainstream media regarding the caricature and possible action against Sarawak Tribune and Guan Ming instead of the hasty conclusion to the whole affair.

Our government rather settle disputes behind close doors and come up with the solution a select few seem fit. This is contrary to the current preaching by Pak Lah of transparency and accountability. This policy of hasty settling of ‘sensitive issues’ should be addressed by the people. The people cannot progress if they are not allowed to mature. This practice is surely partly to safeguard UMNOputeras interests under the NEP because with openess comes the opportunity to knowledgably destroy the credibility of the NEP.

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Dewan Negara & the 21st century

firehawk Said:February 23rd, 2006 at 15: 50.49

Funny, I was just thinking about the appointments of the members of Dewan Negara a few hours ago. My conclusion was that the state/background of the appointees in the Dewan Negara says it all regarding the political maturity of the country.

Uncle Lim, I am surprised that you are bringing this topic up just after the announcement of the new cabinet. That was a disappointment worthy of my tears. I wouldn’t expect any reformation in Dewan Negara as it is clear that AAB is out to please influential parties.

firehawk from

Mahathir era corruption : ! or ?

firehawk Said:February 23rd, 2006 at 00: 14.32

I think that as Mahathir stated this is pretty common practice. For a country like Malaysia, that was probably the only way. Im sure Malaysians got more than RM 4.6 million through business links originating from the 2002 meeting. As such I do not feel it should be blown out of proportion. After all it was done for Malaysian prosperity. To give Malaysia a boost in good faith. There are more pressing matters that we need to deal with that affect Malaysians life daily.

firehawk Said:February 23rd, 2006 at 00: 16.38

So, we are a corrupt nation. Tell me something new. First we need to change things that happen at home, internally. Maybe then we need not resort to seeking a lobbyist to meet american presidents.

firehawk from

Information & its twisted freedom

firehawk Said:February 22nd, 2006 at 13: 14.02

The PM surely must know that hiring Zainuddin as Info Minister will give him positive support from Malays, but at the same time push back the Malaysian Malaysia dream and the Vision 2020 Bangsa Malaysia. It is obvious what he values. Certainly not a developed country mentality. Or does this point to the fact that he is in fact weak and struggling.

I am now contemplating on whether it is better to have a good hearted weak leader or a strong leader with no real moral standing?

firehawk Said:February 22nd, 2006 at 13: 17.22

If RTM is not given more leeway and encouragement to develop commercially Im afraid that the Malaysian dream will remain sclerotic. Similarly, NSTP group of papers should also be given more freedom. The level of censorship is disgraceful and I believe the industry under Zainuddin will suffer further, facilitating the unnecessary need of the mushrooming of many newspapers and magazines that claim to be impartial.

firehawk Said:February 22nd, 2006 at 13: 20.30

In order for Vision 2020 to be realised in 2020, the media controlled by the government should be allowed and realise that they are serving the COUNTRY not the politicians and their shenanigans. Im just reiterating the obvious here but I hope numbskulls responsible minister and affiliates will read this and have pity on a nation whose people deserve better.

firehawk from

Agro Gaga

firehawk Said:February 22nd, 2006 at 13: 08.19

I am in the vet proffesion. I feel that the government has yet to raise their game when it comes to zoonotic surveillance. Much responsibility is accorded to the ministry of health headed by doctors who in all actual honesty don’t know very much about these diseases. There is yet a respectable, strong and well funded veterinary and agricultural party in the country to make educated calls on these diseases.

Little change has materialised since Muhyiddin Yasin has taken over the ministry in terms of livestock production and health development. We are still importing large amount of beef and milk from overseas when we theoretically have enough room to produce them. It is also a matter of national security and to be less dependant on certain countries for supplies in view of a major outbreak. We import most of our beef at record prices from India and milk from Aus, NZ.

In view of a possible avian influenza outbreak and previous Nipah outbreak, it will be wise to raise our game as a major producers of poultry and pigs. We need to be strict when it comes to our welfare and management systems. We need better intergration of livestock breeders, producers and food business operators (ie abatoirs, packaging/cutting companies) to facilitate higher and more controlled standards. In a country like our this step is vital as a critical control point to reduce as much as possible the treat to public health.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Agrobusiness should also push for better education in related fields and encourage young persons especially those from related background to embrace these courses. Currently, the standards are nothing to be proud of and effort in this area have been neglected. A career in this field may be very very rewarding. Malaysians have been poorly exposed when it comes to the benefits of this field.


firehawk from

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Challenge to RPK's credibility

konchon said...
the writer of this article is FINANCED by Mahathir the main objective of it is to DISCREDIT Abdullah'Administration. This is Mahathir' preoccupation, even to the extent of rallying support for Najib to topple Abdullah. Daim is very much inthis big game, again to discredit Abdullah .Gravevine stories had it that any of Khairy project, Daim will finance it jst to get closkonchoner to Adullah. So dont get starry eyed by this EXPOSE'

buah chiku manis said... got proof...or you talking out of your backside?

In response to this....

Midnitefirehawk said...
RPK,To clearify your name amid the accusation brought on by konchon, would you please provide more information about your funding and the political alliances that you have forged. There are very few ppl, be it news reporters or lay men, who have no bias when it comes to the political game. It will be in good spirits if you clearify this to your readers. After all, you almost sprung out of no where and seemingly no reason to come up with this website and articles especially against Khairy. WHy and how would be very interesting to know, especially for your regular readers who have put a certain degree of unqualified faith in you.

firehawk from


First they silence MIC by suspending Sothinathan. Then they silence all non-muslim cabinet ministers except Kayveas. In the process label them ‘kurang ajar’. Now they indirectly shut all non-muslims up.

Comment by firehawk — Thursday, 16-02-2006 @ 04: 01.10 from

I would like to pose one question to the regulators of the above actions. Where are your sensitivities and respect when it comes to the issue of inequality and human rights ignorance when it comes to non-malays/muslims?

Post Mark3-Cabinet-Reshuffle Syndrome

firehawk Said:February 16th, 2006 at 03: 34.34

Sheriff Singh,
Its not even about quotas. Even if they did follow the quota system, most of them clowns out there are incapable of doing their job right. Its all about power and money politics. Nothing else.

firehawk Said:February 16th, 2006 at 03: 37.21

AP Queen is one of the better ministers around. I wouldn’t argue with keeping her for another term. As for KJ, he has brains, but is a little too greedy. Having said that, it will only be a matter of time after Najib, Hishammuddin till he becomes PM.

firehawk Said:February 16th, 2006 at 03: 39.46

KJ is only 30, believe it or not and he has ‘personally’ accumulated a large amount of wealth during the last 2 years. He is also dictating much of what is happening in the country. For a person of his background and age, that is remarkably impressive regardless of how he has come to obtain the goods.

firehawk Said:February 16th, 2006 at 03: 43.56

The difference between 9MP and other recent MPs is that the 9MP will be a conservative financial approach to produce substantial economic development, growth.

firehawk Said:February 16th, 2006 at 03: 47.29

Dark JUstice,
Forget about Bangsa Malaysia in 2020. With Najib and Hishamuddin in toe after AAB, there is no hope for us Malaysian Malaysia preachers. It is just an illusion created to keep hopes of naive folk like us up.
Maybe 2040 got hope. Anybody up for roti canai?

firehawk from

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Post Mark3-Cabinet-Reshuffle Syndrome

firehawk Said:February 15th, 2006 at 02: 35.23

Rama, it is easier to find bigfoot in Johor. (On whether it is easier for Pak Lah to reshuffle the cabinet or find big foot in Johor)

firehawk Said:February 15th, 2006 at 02: 39.07

Looking at our current cabinet and politicians around I would agree with changing Samy’s portfolio. For one thing he is useless. [delete] As for Rafidah, [delete] she is well capable of doing her business. There are no clowns out there in politics to replace her. So I wouldn’t reassign her.

firehawk Said:February 15th, 2006 at 02: 41.59

Pak Lah certainly no power. We certainly won’t reach the ‘golden days’ of the Mahathir era under AAB, not even close. Whatever his faults, Mahathir was powerful and well strong. AAB is not and will be obliterated by Najib when the time is right.

firehawk Said:February 15th, 2006 at 02: 46.02

annoyedanonymous,it is not about who is in power, bn vs opposition! it is about what you do when you are in power! it is about aspiring to be better than ourselves, not remain same ol’ deficient person.

firehawk from

Boleh-Krystal (a peek at Pak Lah's future)

firehawk Said:February 15th, 2006 at 10: 23.19

WFH and sotong,

I disagree with your analysis of the future GE outcome. Yes, true AAB is weak and will slow the country’s progress dur to his conservative approach. However he has done one thing right. That is he has got the backing or half backing of certain opposition parties…PKR, PAS are all giving him far more support than they ever did Dr M. He has united the Malays and they live in content.It will not be a change in government that the people(muslims) will be looking for but rather the change of PM.

AAB can still play it right and hold another term because he has brought the muslims together. But be wary, as the men with the kerises are just lurking around his shadow.Yes, the non-muslims might not be impressed. And even their votes may go to the opposition but make no mistake, they will win easily.

However, I feel that if AAB retains another term, he will weaken the country to a visible situation such that he may then lose votes the following election. And that is when DAP and PAS will have the most chance to capitalise.

That is my take on this matter anyway.

firehawk Said:February 15th, 2006 at 10: 27.51

AAB is double whammying himself. First, call for integrity (big mistake where UMNOputras are concerned), then cut spending (even bigger mistake where UMNOputras are concerned and the wider community)!

firehawk from