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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Agro Gaga

firehawk Said:February 22nd, 2006 at 13: 08.19

I am in the vet proffesion. I feel that the government has yet to raise their game when it comes to zoonotic surveillance. Much responsibility is accorded to the ministry of health headed by doctors who in all actual honesty don’t know very much about these diseases. There is yet a respectable, strong and well funded veterinary and agricultural party in the country to make educated calls on these diseases.

Little change has materialised since Muhyiddin Yasin has taken over the ministry in terms of livestock production and health development. We are still importing large amount of beef and milk from overseas when we theoretically have enough room to produce them. It is also a matter of national security and to be less dependant on certain countries for supplies in view of a major outbreak. We import most of our beef at record prices from India and milk from Aus, NZ.

In view of a possible avian influenza outbreak and previous Nipah outbreak, it will be wise to raise our game as a major producers of poultry and pigs. We need to be strict when it comes to our welfare and management systems. We need better intergration of livestock breeders, producers and food business operators (ie abatoirs, packaging/cutting companies) to facilitate higher and more controlled standards. In a country like our this step is vital as a critical control point to reduce as much as possible the treat to public health.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Agrobusiness should also push for better education in related fields and encourage young persons especially those from related background to embrace these courses. Currently, the standards are nothing to be proud of and effort in this area have been neglected. A career in this field may be very very rewarding. Malaysians have been poorly exposed when it comes to the benefits of this field.


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