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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Boleh-Krystal (a peek at Pak Lah's future)

firehawk Said:February 15th, 2006 at 10: 23.19

WFH and sotong,

I disagree with your analysis of the future GE outcome. Yes, true AAB is weak and will slow the country’s progress dur to his conservative approach. However he has done one thing right. That is he has got the backing or half backing of certain opposition parties…PKR, PAS are all giving him far more support than they ever did Dr M. He has united the Malays and they live in content.It will not be a change in government that the people(muslims) will be looking for but rather the change of PM.

AAB can still play it right and hold another term because he has brought the muslims together. But be wary, as the men with the kerises are just lurking around his shadow.Yes, the non-muslims might not be impressed. And even their votes may go to the opposition but make no mistake, they will win easily.

However, I feel that if AAB retains another term, he will weaken the country to a visible situation such that he may then lose votes the following election. And that is when DAP and PAS will have the most chance to capitalise.

That is my take on this matter anyway.

firehawk Said:February 15th, 2006 at 10: 27.51

AAB is double whammying himself. First, call for integrity (big mistake where UMNOputras are concerned), then cut spending (even bigger mistake where UMNOputras are concerned and the wider community)!

firehawk from


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