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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Challenge to RPK's credibility

konchon said...
the writer of this article is FINANCED by Mahathir the main objective of it is to DISCREDIT Abdullah'Administration. This is Mahathir' preoccupation, even to the extent of rallying support for Najib to topple Abdullah. Daim is very much inthis big game, again to discredit Abdullah .Gravevine stories had it that any of Khairy project, Daim will finance it jst to get closkonchoner to Adullah. So dont get starry eyed by this EXPOSE'

buah chiku manis said... got proof...or you talking out of your backside?

In response to this....

Midnitefirehawk said...
RPK,To clearify your name amid the accusation brought on by konchon, would you please provide more information about your funding and the political alliances that you have forged. There are very few ppl, be it news reporters or lay men, who have no bias when it comes to the political game. It will be in good spirits if you clearify this to your readers. After all, you almost sprung out of no where and seemingly no reason to come up with this website and articles especially against Khairy. WHy and how would be very interesting to know, especially for your regular readers who have put a certain degree of unqualified faith in you.

firehawk from


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