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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Open letter to MIC

Recently, Malaysia has decided to embark on another phase of ICT development of the country after the previous one failed with the rebranding of MDC to M-DEC.

In line with our objectives to turn Malaysia into a 'First World Mentality' country, as quoted from Pak Lah's 9MP speech, I would like to suggest to MIC to take information dissemination to the next step. I know that MIC has a website and I commend them for taking their efforts to cyberspace. However, there is much to be done.

I am not sure whether you are aware of the recent spurt in Malaysian political cyberspace activity led by DAP and PKR. Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok and Fong Po Kuan have all got heavy traffic websites esp true of the former DAP supremo. Others have also follow suit within DAP. On PKR's side, Malaysian Today has led the way. Petra Raja Kamaruddin is a KeADILan founder. Today he has left PKR, but his connection lies deep. Many opposition politicians, even PAS, have been active in cyberspace.

However, where BN is concerned, the cyberspace activity has been deplorable. UMNO has taken the leading role with its Kelab Maya UMNO. It has a forum section. However, this is an 'ultra' sect of UMNO and is very Islamic in its outlook. It does not believe in fair sharing of power. I believe MCA and in this minute, MIC should encourage its top politicians especially those who hold federal positions to open up blogs. As each politicians have different views, this should be done individually. If cannot, then group blogs should not be discouraged.

Why are blogs important? Because it is interactive. It gives a chance for the average Rama to express his/her view directly to his representative in parliament.

Pak Lah has time and again said that during his tenure as PM it will be all about increasing the efficiency, transparency and accountability of our government. My perception of MIC is sadly not very positive. We seem to be desisting these virtues that has been espoused by Pak Lah.

Today, blogs are a must. People are busy. Blogging is the easiest way to get messages across and to assess whether they are receiving any support. As for you and me in the UK, blogs will further bridge that gap of distance. We will be able to express specific views without the need to engage in small talk. This initiative will definitely be time productive.

With regards to the implementation of the IPCMC and Ombudsman system being discussed in parliament, I hope the MIC representatives take a supportive stand. They should be more vocal to support this effort being led by PM Pak Lah. He is currently receiving much flak and dissent from a small group of UMNO MPs that are very vocal. They seem to be drowning out the PM's call. Why are the MIC and MCA representatives so scared to air their support? This is unacceptable. I hope it is because they too are corrupt and want to cover up their tracks. I have more faith than that in the younger generation. Datuk S Sothinathan should lead the way in going to cyberspace. My congrats to him for standing up and expressing his beliefs.

The main ploy here is to drown out the IPCMC idea suggested by Pak Lah. The IPCMC would be a body regulating the police in this country. It is available in all developed country. You may be familiar with the US's Internal Affairs that keep all US 'police' officials in check, this includes the FBI, CIA etc. If we do not allow the development of this system, how are we to tackle corruption at the root.

The Ombudsman system being suggested by these officials as an alternative should not be encouraged. Yes, we need an Ombudsman system so that people may make complaints against officials in power. This is no doubt another landmark of a developed nation. However, it should not be done at the expense of the IPCMC. The IPCMC has teeth, which means it may inititate action with all the powers given to it by the constitution. The faster we show our support, the quicker it will be for the silent supportive majority to also show their support behind the PM and the faster we may put in place the IPCMC and Ombudsman system. Resistance of the creation of this body says only one thing to me; that our politicians are corrupt, that our politicians do not espouse the transparency and accountability agenda that they gave a standing ovation for during the speech given by Pak Lah, basically the are simply playing to the tune of the age old saying in Malaysia, 'cakap tak serupa bikin'. I hope this is not true and only a figment of my imagination.

Thank you. That is all at this time.

Malaysia boleh.


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